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Central Church Sermons

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Jul 26, 2021

2021-07-25-1030 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning, July 25, 2021 in the 10:30 AM service.

Scripture: Luke 17:1-8

-There is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus.
-You are clean and you are blameless.
-You have the spirit power to say no to sin.
-We are guaranteed to suffer but to suffer is overshadowed by the joy we will receive one day.
-All of God’s creation is groaning.
-God is eagerly waiting for our redemption is Heaven.
-God made us like Jesus.
-God already has a place for us in Heaven
-When we’ve got nothing that is when God says go and get my children and bring them to me.
-God came to us not because we deserve it but because God wanted to show us kindness.
-We are not fir for God’s table, but God found us even when we were a mess
-Everything that the Father has done for us was because of Jesus.
-If God is for us who can be against us.