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Central Church Sermons

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Feb 25, 2013

2013-02-24-1030 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning February 24th 2013 in the 10:30 service.

Scripture: Hebrews 12:14; Romans 14:14-19; James 3:16-17; Ephesians 4:1; Psalm 25:21; 26:1; 101:2-3

Topic: Peace

- The purpose of God is that everything is for eternity
- God will not be found in the spectacular or majestic, or evident in the flamboyant
- God does not dwell in buildings made with hands; money wasted to build great cathedrals and high tech buildings that could feed the hungry...
- Once sought to be a great pulpiteer; the greatest sermons are preached in hospital rooms, the E.R., cancer ward, ICU, orphanages, courtrooms, at home
- A God of the grit, guts, and grime...
- Paul’s greatest message was in Athens when he was stirred by idolatry
- Moses met God after 40 years in the desert when God appeared in a burning bush
- We look for God in buildings, among other Christians or from the pulpit... He waits till your life is all to pieces and you don’t know what you believe anymore
- We’ve made Christianity into a western religion to accommodate our feelings and beliefs.  We are desperate to be affirmed for who we are
- We don’t understand sacrifice. God wants flesh disposed of with dung... same to Him
- What we would throw away is valuable to God; what man praises is an abomination... whatever man does is opposite of what God requires
- Being a peacemaker is about dying, giving up, surrendering with nothing to prove
- You’re not a son of God because you’re a fighter.  He called us to lie down and die
- There is nothing unclean of itself (tobacco)
- Walk worthy of the calling; live a life that pleases Him and stop fighting
- Walk with a perfect heart... in integrity... to please God in everything