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Central Church Sermons

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Aug 29, 2011

2011-08-28-1800 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this evening August 28th, 2011 in the 6:00 service.


Topic: Prayer


- We ask for small things; God delights in giving to His children
- If we ask in faith, we can expect God to do something
- We  become more enchanted with the written than the Living Word;
- More intellectual than spiritual; obsessed with the future while wasting the present
- I want to finish my years pastoring as I started, on my face and caring for the flock
- Are we limiting God? We know with our minds, but our hearts can go beyond anything our minds can imagine; guard your heart
- Israel limited God... comfortable with what God had already done, but not with what he could do, never expecting a miracle
- We ought to be asking for what sounds preposterous
- We pray for what we think we need; God knows what we really need and wants to bless us with His goodness
- We ask God for childish things and then run on; we need to wait on God
- Praying & studying is a means to a relationship with God, but can get in the way
- Until we wait patiently we will never know the secrets He has in store...