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Central Church Sermons

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Jun 9, 2008

2008-06-08-1030 Pastor Charles Mack, Sr. is the guest speaker this morning June 8th, 2008 in the 10:30 service.

Scripture Ref: I Peter 1; 2:2-3; 4:1-2

Topic: Holy Living

- Embrace the good of the Lord
- Liars and pretenders
- Desire the pure mild of the Lord
- Grudges, backbiting, bitterness, hatred
- Declare war on the flesh, walk in life and light of God
- Which nature has changed?
- If they don’t see Jesus in my life then I am living in vain
- Fight desires that are contrary to God’s will

Leona Obbrace
over thirteen years ago

I listened & could not help but respond to the part about pretenders, people who assimilate. I am from the Bahamas & I could truly say, there is no real cog there. Bahamians are experts at assimilating but they all compromise. When I was harassed by my former pastor, members & many of their friends & people they were connected with (which meant I could not find a church, job or place to live) I was rejected by all churches including COG.
I was called a lesbian because I did not have a boyfriend or child. I went to COG & met what I met in every church, most women are sleeping with someone they are not married to & pastors are condoning it or doing the same.
Whiles I am listening to these messages, I am also wary of becoming too trusting, because I have even emailed COG here in America whiles going through this horrible time & not one responded. I did not email any of the pastors listed here & I do think that seeing America is exactly 90% larger than the Bahamas, the problem of being joined together to every one through family, school, lodge etc., there must be churches here that are free of compromise. There must be groups here who support each other & encourage each other to holy living.
This denomination has fallen down on oversight. As Paul wrote letters either approving or giving his disapproval of pastors. He also constantly sent to check on condition of church, if people were living what they taught & lived before them, if the message was still the same. You could always go for a week & watch everyone act holy & talk holy but the Bahamas is extremely corrupt, endemic corruption in every level despite the high percentage of people who are a member of church or regular attenders. Church is a place where you go to assimilate, to get to know people who could help you because you are a part of their group. There is no regeneration.