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Central Church Sermons

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Jun 26, 2006

2006-06-25-1830 Sunday evening service. Gene Shelton is the speaker for this evening.

Scripture Ref: Matthew 9:10-13

Topic: Compassion

- We forget how much God cares
- We are held responsible to care for others
- God loves the whole world, but each of us individually
- Jesus confronted people out of love for them, but most people would rather avoid conflict. If we love, then we confront
- Religious people hold to issues that complicate, what they do becomes more important than the people
- Knowledge without compassion is empty
- Knowledge makes you arrogant, but love edifies
- Are we willing to invest the time in others that God has in us
- My compassion does not save, but the spirit who draws
- Are you approachable? Do they know what you stand for?
- “There was a time I believed certain people deserved to go to Hell.?