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Central Church Sermons

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Apr 24, 2006

2006-04-23-1830 Pastor Loran Livingston talks this evening April 23, 2006 in the 6:30 service about bearing fruit.

Scripture Ref: Ecc 3:1

Topic: Fruitless Times

- Welcome Randy and Charryse to youth department
- A time for everything, four seasons
- Some come to Christianity as people who join army just for a uniform.
- Story of man joined special operations, given opportunity to move to regular forces, but decided to excel.
- There are those not satisfied with average Christianity
- During only one season we bear fruit
- Springtime-inward growth, only leaves outwardly
- Summer-blossoms, flowers, but still no fruit
- Fall- harvest of fruit
- Shucking corn-storing for winter
- Frogs-back up into soil in 40 below 0. 
- In winter taproot grows deeper, drawing purer nutrients
- When you have nothing left to give you must grow deeper
- Not backslidden, winter time of the soul
- Gets tired of being in charge, being an example