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Central Church Sermons

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Nov 28, 2005

2005-11-27-0830 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning November 27th, 2005 in the 8:30 service.

Scripture Ref: Romans 6:23; II Peter 2:7-8; John 15:19; I John 3:13; I Peter 4:2-4; Revelation 18:4

Topic: Sin

- Report on homes for Katrina victims
- Sin leaves a scar, consequences for life
- Moses knew God but did not see promised land due to disobedience
- David had a heart for God but committed adultery and entire family had to pay for his sins
- The saved cannot tolerate sin, should be disgusted, offended
- Music in restaurants, prayer at sporting events, but not honoring God
- Sensuality of society, homosexuality, lottery (immoral, hurts poor)
- Laodicea – condemned because they did not need God, cold nor hot, a form of godliness but denying the power
- It is the church's job to judge
- Stephen hated because he reminded them of Jesus position at rt. hand
Rome threw people to the lions for their faith and refusal to participate