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Central Church Sermons

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Apr 6, 2020

2020-04-05-0830 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning, April 5, 2020 in the 8:30 AM service.

Scripture: Luke 22:14-19; Isaiah 53:1-6; Hebrews 9::26-28


- We are in and unprecedented time of trouble.
- There are four groups of people.
- (1) Some people wonder. They are wondering when this will be over. They are not seeking anything spiritual.
- (2) Some people worry. They worry when they don’t understand. Jesus tells us not to worry.
- (3) Some people have wrath. If you worry long enough you will have wrath. We blame God. God is trying to get our attention.
- (40 Some people worship; not wandering, not worry and not full of wrath. We can see that God is in it.
- We say even so come Lord Jesus.
- Establish fellowship with God during this time.
- Don’t leave this earth without Jesus.