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Central Church Sermons

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Dec 17, 2012

2012-12-16-1030 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning December 16th 2012 in the 10:30 service.

Scripture: Romans 3:10-12; 9:14-18

Topic: Sin

- You are a sinner, totally depraved
- We are all a bit self-righteous;  everything we do has a bit of self-interest
- 12.12.12 concert could have been good if for the glory of God
- Only God is good
- No one seeks after God; who appears to is really seeking for the benefits of God
- The most wicked, vile thing is the human heart
- People are worse than you think they are; you were worse than you realize
- We need more than to be renovated; we need to be raised from the dead
- We are dead at the bottom of the sea until He pulls us out and breathes life into us
- Tragedy in Connecticut... it will only get worse
- People don’t care anymore about morale, policy... but vote for a person or party
- If a nation turns from God, expect lying leaders, a perverted society...
- Evil isn’t worse because God’s hand is restraining,  but He will remove His hand... this is the hardening of hearts
- Common grace is God’s grace on the wicked and righteous, but it will be removed
- Heaven or hell, mercy or justice, but there is no injustice with God