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Central Church Sermons

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Jun 22, 2006

2006-06-21-1900 Winston Wooden is the guest speaker for Wednesday evening June 21st, 2006.

Scripture ref: Numbers 11:1-20; John 5:1-9; Acts 16:16-26

Topic: Contentment

- Are you content where God has you, not doing something God has instructed, or complaining about your situation
- At social gathering, people talk of their success, money, security. Leaves troubled, discontent
- People delivered out of Egypt began complaining, angered the Lord
- Wanted pick-up, didn’t listen to God, had mechanical troubles. If we listen to God, we can avoid many troubles
- Someone wants to get married, not seeking proper council. Be Careful!
- Man at pool of Bethesda with infirmity 38 yrs.  Fearful, comfortale, frustrated? Have you done all you can?
- Wife wanted a child, miscarriages and complications, discontent then complacent. Finally became content and had two children
- Paul & Silas imprisoned, content, singing to God.  Freed and blessed.
- When we are content in the Lord, he blesses us with greater things