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Central Church Sermons

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May 25, 2015

2015-05-24-1030 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning May 24th,  2015 in the 10:30 AM service.

Scripture: Genesis 3:12; Romans 2:7-11; Romans 9:10-11

Topic: Judgement

- When God feels that we as a nation snub Him, He will remove His Hand of protection.
- You can make your culture an idol.
- Your idol can take the place of God.
- There is coming a day when there will be no double standard.
- I will never be judged as a sinner but as a child of God.
- When I stand before Him I will have to explain why I lived the way I did.
- We must respect our police officers.
- The Bible teaches us to obey the authorities over us in the Lord.
- Everybody will stand before the Lord to be judged.
- The bad things will be burned up on that day when we face Him all by ourselves.
- Thanks to Jesus.