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Central Church Sermons

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Jun 17, 2013

2013-06-16-0830 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning June 16th, 2013 in the 8:30 service.

Scripture: Hebrews 7;24-25; Romans 8:34; John 17: 2, 6-12, 15-19, 20-23; Luke 22:31

Topic: Prayer

- Jesus is speaking your name to our Father God. Asking Him for a blessing for you every day.
- Jesus ministry is an intercession and advocate. Jesus makes intercessions for those who are in the body of Christ.
- Jesus prays for keeping and protection of the saints.
- 1st prayer – Jesus prays for Himself  John 17:2
- 2nd Prayer – John17:6-12, 15 and 19 He prays for His disciples.
- 3th Prayer – John 17:20-23 He prays for those who believe in Him.
- The Father answered every prayer that Jesus prays. Jesus always prayed His Father’s will.
- Jesus prays that all of us will be one in Him. We are here today kept by the power of God by His Son praying for all of us to
be one in Him
- Are names are written in the Lambs Book of Life
- Jesus prays for keeping we will not know till we get home what God has kept us from.
- He protects from harm because He heard Jesus’s prayer.
- We are here because of Jesus unfailing intercession to the Father.
- Luke 22:31 – says but Jesus interceded for Him (Simon).  Satan wants to sift us like flour.
- It hurts when bad things comes but remember Jesus has prayed for us. The answer will come. Every day your name is spoken in intercession.
- Stop asking if you can lose your salvation. It is not salvation but God’s. He is our advocate. Jesus goes to the father. Our sins are already paid for. Jesus paid them all.