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Central Church Sermons

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Dec 24, 2012

2012-12-23-1030 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning December 23rd 2012 in the 10:30 service.

Scripture: Luke 2:25-34; Acts 16:11-15; I Corinthians 2:14; 3:22-23; Romans 6:23; 8:32; 11:2; James 1:17

Topic: Salvation

- Christmas is about salvation, the greatest gift ever given; many don’t get or want it
- Simeon in the temple blessed God, Joseph and Mary
- Salvation came first to the Jews, then to the Gentiles
- Jesus was destined for the rise and fall of many...
- Jesus is offensive, stirs up; there is no way to not respond to Jesus; either you’ll bless or curse Him; people are agitated, irritated
- Jesus will raise you up or cause you to stumble; no one is neutral
- All glory belongs to Him; He has done it all; we have done nothing
- God chose a path for you, a well-designed path, orchestrated... divine appointments...
- Natural man cannot understand the things of God; the Holy Spirit must quicken
- He gives you eternal life... does not loan it... it is a gift