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Central Church Sermons

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Jun 28, 2010

2010-06-27-0830 Sunday morning 8:30 service. Dr. Robert Spence, president of Evangel University is the speaker for this morning.

Scripture Ref: Jude 3-4; Mark 10; John 8; Acts 9

Topic: Purpose


- Jude planned out his work but set it aside when interrupted
- We will be defined by our interruptions, not our ideal goals
- BP being defined by oil spill...
- Wife with cancer-interruption
- Interruptions can be mishandled
- Story of inmate serving life sentence and his mother who regretted not taking him to church when he wanted to go (interruption)
- Jesus stopped for woman who touched his robe... His response to the interruption brought healing and transformation
- We have clear goals and objectives: career, family...
- Woman caught in adultery-Jesus forgave, changed her life
- The ministry of Jesus is defined by interruptions

- Some of us need to interrupt Jesus and sometimes He interrupts (as with Saul on the road to Damascus)