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Central Church Sermons

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Apr 19, 2010

2010-04-18-1800 Dr. Randy Smith is the guest speaker this evening April 18th, 2010 in the 6:00 service.

Scripture Ref: Ezra 1-4

Topic: The Church

- Bridge over Mississippi collapsed-hadn't been maintained
- U.S. infrastructure needs work or it will collapse
- We need spiritual infrastructure work before we collapse
- Tree destroyed internally by insects, looked strong outwardly
- Birth of strong church... complaints, murmurs... stagnancy
- Young couple... marriage, children... need to work to stay strong
- God has a plan of hope for those born in Plan B
- Must do God's work God's way; doesn't work our way
- When a ministry begins no one knows if it will work
- Rebuilding of Temple: began with full support of people; then eventual discouragement of older crowd, then of the young untested leaders... distraction (amusement, relaxed) and defamation