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Central Church Sermons

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Dec 15, 2008

2008-12-14-1030 Lt. General William G. Boykin is the speaker this morning December 14th, 2008 in the 10:30 service.

Scripture Ref: Daniel 1-4

Topic: Faithfulness

- Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego
- Nebuchadnezzar ruled known world
- Daniel, interpretation of dream of kingdom’s demise
- Because these men stood for what they believed, God was revealed
- Men fall to ego
- We must all decide what who we are, what we will stand for
- Each stood individually; we must stand on our own
- Put in fiery furnace not knowing if God would deliver them
- God didn’t say He’s spare us trial, but He’ll stand with us
- Prosperity preaching not of God
- We are accountable; stand against evil (abortion, same sex marriage)