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Sep 24, 2007

2007-09-23-1830 Pastor Loran Livingston talks this evening September 23rd, 2007 in the 6:30 evening service about crying and tears.

Scripture Ref: Psalm 126; I Samuel; Luke 7

Topic: Praying

- Have you been crying lately?
- Dread going to bed? Waiting for God to move?
- When one cries, something supernatural takes place
- We can all see times that God was moving unbeknownst to us
- As a child crying at stump in the woods
- Woman washed Jesus' feet with tears
- Planting and reaping. Nothing is forgotten, all creation recycled
- No tears or prayer in vain; God is moving in His own time
- Seeds found in King Tut's tomb
- Liquid prayer, precious seed
- If you go out crying, you'll come back rejoicing
- Be happy that you can cry; do not mistake depth for dryness

Adeolu Tope
sixteen and a half years ago

I need the full word version of this teaching