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Central Church Sermons

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Jun 14, 2007

2007-06-13-1900 Traci Slusarski  is the speaker for Central on Wednesday evening June 13th, 2007.

Scripture Ref: Isaiah 62:1, 6; 42:16; 57:14; I Corinthians 12:12-27; II Timothy 3:14; Ezekiel 2, 3, 33; Romans 3:2-4; Deuteronomy 32:43

Topic: The Jewish People

- It is essential that we pray for Israel; pray for the peace of Jerusalem
- Each part of the body is important
- Best way to identify with the Jewish people through food
- Stories of opportunities where others did not minister to Traci: teacher, preacher, church people at Grady's (tracts, no tip)
- We must witness to Jewish people
- The Jewish think Christians are anti-Semites; see Bible as offensive
- Why don't we see Jewish ness in the church?
- Don't be rebellious (by not ministering to Jewish)
- Israel is blind, therefore we are to lead them