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Central Church Sermons

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Feb 22, 2007

2007-02-21-1900 Doug Small is the speaker for Central on Wednesday evening February 21st, 2007.

Scripture Ref: James 4:1-3; John 16:33; Hebrews 11:6

Topic: Peace

- Interpersonal conflict results from intrapersonal conflict
- People who aren’t at peace with themselves war with others
- Repentance, restitution, peace of God
- "I have conquered the world" in the middle of tribulation
- People war to get what they want
- Without faith it is impossible to please God; seek Him
- The enemy will attack your faith in the character of God
- 3 positions of prayer: "You love me…" must be the 1st position
- 3 control points: Prayer, Giving, Fasting
- The reward is bigger than the answer
- We are placed in situations to show the world the peace of God