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Central Church Sermons

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Nov 27, 2006

2006-11-26-1830 Pastor Loran Livingston talks this evening November  26th, 2006 in the 6:30 service about being "doers" of The Word.

Scripture Ref: James 1:21-25; John 13:12-17; Proverbs 29:18

Topic: Action

- We read Scripture from a Greek/Roman perspective (knowledge), Hebrews read for the sake of doing
- Only when we do, do we understand and have joy
- Disposal installation: manual didn’t make sense until put into action
- Harley Davidson repair, get down, use the tools, get hands dirty
- Be happy doing what Jesus did while he walked the earth
- Make the decision to have time for people; go beyond your job; do what is important, choose the best thing
- Cow chewing his cud; meditate on the Word