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Central Church Sermons

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Aug 21, 2006

2006-08-20-0830 Dr. Steve Land, president of Church of God Theological Seminary is the guest speaker for 8:30 Sunday morning August 20th, 2006

Scripture Ref: I Chronicles 16:29

Topic: Holiness

- Everybody worships, people put together all kinds of religions, some go to different churches but don’t belong to one body of worship
- We’ve made place of worship a choice, but where does God want us?
- Churches are marketing quick fixes, but we must pray through and wait on the Lord
- Woman in church: her life sanctified her husband, he was saved
- Mentally challenged woman who used gov’t check to help poor
- You worship what you fear
- Love Him with everything, in every part of life
- Satan tempts us, deny yourself
- People want a savior they can applaud, but we are to worship and serve
- We are created in His image, for His purpose. He is holy, so be holy
- There is no private sin because we are a family, a community
- Ugly worship is done by those who don’t walk in righteousness, fellowship with the believers.