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Jul 3, 2006

2006-07-02-1830 Steve Wright, Pastor from Providence Christian Center (also known as "The Hotdog Church") of San Francisco is the guest speaker for 6:30 Sunday evening July 2nd, 2006.

Scripture Ref: John 16:33; I Peter 5:7; Matthew 6; Psalm 28; Luke 5


- sky turns grey, rain, then the smell of rain
- 1930-Joseph Carter, 45 yrs old, disappeared, later a note was found
- weariness takes away blessings of God, joy and hope
- homeless guy with hope written underside of hat
- instead of casting our troubles, we share and retain them
- DMV-government officials exempt
- Why do we worry?
- We run to other things before God, in many countries there is no choice.  We forget God can take care of anything.
- In Honduras, got sick.  Prayed for and healed immediately.
- Peter fished all night, Jesus told him to cast nets one more time
- Fining at outer banks, school of blue fish.  Your time will come.