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Central Church Sermons

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Dec 19, 2016

2016-12-18-0830 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning, December 18th,  2016 in the 8:30 AM service.
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1-7; Luke 19:44
- If you had read the scriptures you would know that Jesus is with you.
- God is among us.
- God does everything with order in mind.
- God is about timing.
- God could be visiting you and you don’t know it
- Don’t liger.
- You must listen and obey God when He speaks to you.
- Get a hold of God’s perfect will for you.
- God will not give you new things until you are willing to let go of the old things.
- You are looking at the months and missing the moments.
- God has designed us to live moment by moment.
- Our times are in God’s hands.
- God is pulling all our moments together for something great to happen in our life.
- To everything there is a season.