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Central Church Sermons

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Oct 24, 2016

2016-10-23-0830 Pastor Randy Smith is the speaker this morning October 23rd, 2016 in the 8:30 AM service.
Scripture: Judges 7:1-8; 1st Corinthians 1
- The size of our problem is smaller to God than ours.
- There is an issue when we test God because God tests us back.
- When God takes you to where He wants you to be, step out and trust Him.
- Follow God and He will put you in the right place.
- To be use by God is to empty yourself.
- God removes people who follow their feelings and not their Father.
- Trust your heart and you will live to regret it.
- God chooses the weak so no man may boast before the Lord.
- We should always pray, The will be done.