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Central Church Sermons

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Apr 25, 2016

2016-04-24-1030 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning April 24th,  2016 in the 10:30 AM service.

Scripture: Luke 8:11-15


- It is time for Christians to get serious.
- Everyone needs to understand we must take God’s word and prayer serious.
- Some hear the word and do not receive.
- Some receive it with joy but has no prayer life; nor read the scriptures.
- There are those who believe for a while.
- When there is a time of temptation, they fall away.
- There is no heart change.
- We should give the cares and riches of this world to Jesus.
- Some want the pleasures of life.
- Full grown men sinning with women.
- Committing adultery and fornication.
- We must have patience to let God take care of our sins.
- God is the strength of our life.
- The Bible does not command us to do better but to be different.
- We are His holy people. Represent Jesus!