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Apr 25, 2011

2011-04-24-0830 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning April 24th, 2011 in the 8:30 service.

Scripture: Matthew 28:1-8; Acts 1:3

Topic: Resurrection


- The resurrection of Jesus is not just some theory
- Some say the body was stolen; if by disciples the truth would have come out by torture; if by His enemies they would have put it on display
- Some say He was in a coma; if so how did he move the stone to get out
- Evolution: not one fact to back it up, yet people embrace evolution while calling the resurrection a foolish theory
- Jesus appeared to hundreds: Mary Magdalene, disciples, men on the road to Emmaus, Thomas, seven disciples fishing, 500 men worshipping, Stephen being stoned, Saul
- Some did not recognize Him; unless He opens your eyes you never will
- It is not our place to write anyone off; God never gave up on me
- Jesus called us and will continue to use us; let God do the growing
- God never deals with two people the same way (story of church people at bar)
- If He calls you He will perfect you... for the rest of your life
- If the resurrection is nothing more than a beautiful historical event, it is worthless
- The resurrection is a present day active reality in my life
- When you become a believer you become victorious for eternity
- He conquered death; you will never die
- God has kept me; I am already seated in a heavenly place