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Central Church Sermons

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Apr 11, 2011

2011-04-10-1030 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning April 10th, 2011 in the 10:30 service.

Scripture: Isaiah 64:4-8

Topic: Prayer


- He acts for those who wait for Him
- You must stir yourself up to reconnect with God
- If we really believed something happens when we pray, wouldn’t we do more of it?
- We get discouraged when we don’t see immediate definable results
- The greatest sin in the church is prayerlessness...  other sins, sickness are prevalent because of and the state of our country is due to prayerlessness
- It is our call to pray without ceasing
- The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit to go out and affect a group of people
- Cornelius-while he was praying, God was speaking to people
- Peter’s vision-what God called clean, he was calling dirty
- Prayer is not just to get out of trouble or to get by a little easier
- We are sometimes focused so much on personal situations that we can’t see God moving outside of that
- The Lord’s prayer... don’t get comfortable with God or you lose respect; we are too familiar... we need a revival of fear and respect
- There are people around the world suffering for Christ; we haven’t truly suffered
- The greatest sin the human race has committed against itself is slavery, human trafficking
- Pray for the persecuted and martyred Christians around the world