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Central Church Sermons

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Jun 21, 2010

2010-06-20-0830 Dr. Randy Smith is the guest speaker this morning June 20th, 2010 in the 8:30 service.

Scripture Ref: I Kings 1:12-53

Topic: Stewardship

- We have a funny view of time... time is not flexible
- Michelangelo worked around a crack carving statue of David; David had a number of cracks as we all do
- Procrastination leads to confusion for those around you
- If we fail to give our highest priorities the greatest attention something of less significance will fill its place and take away our time and legacy
- Principles of time: failure to face its slipping away will cause us to miss our objective, you cannot take out more than you put in (relationships)
- David took time to sculpt a godly country but not a godly son
- What we believe is what’s on our lips/ in our lives, not our doctrine
- Does my time reflect my creed?
- In the absence of strong leadership strong personalities take over
- You can only take on and accomplish so many things at once
- Must take an uncompromising  view of priorities of our life
- Do it today; you do not have tomorrow
- Don’t make promises you aren't going to keep
- Life is like a coin; spend it for Him