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Central Church Sermons

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Aug 31, 2009

2009-08-30-0830 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker this morning August 30th, 2009 in the 8:30 service.

Scripture: 2 Cor 7:9-11; Psa 51

Topic: : Repentance

- An unclean spirit returns to house swept and in order
- You either belong to heaven or hell
- A nation or individual trying to do better without God will fail
- Steps & programs offer cheap ways to feel better about oneself
- Without repentance we fall deeper into sin with every return
- Can develop a seared conscience; our nation has no conscience
- We are responsible for those we put in political office
- Hopelessness will overtake you (Judas) and you feel you cannot be saved or delivered; worldly sorrow produces death
- You know you’ve repented when you become diligent: read, pray...
- David & Joseph: sin is against God
- You will never forget your sin; flee every day