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Central Church Sermons

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Jul 24, 2008

2008-07-23-1900 Greg Baker is the speaker for 7:00 Wednesday evening July 23rd, 2008

Scripture Ref: I Cor 12; 1 Thes 2:7; Acts 6-9

Topic: Holy Spirit

- Role of Holy Spirit as comforter, guide, restrainer
- Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit unpardonable; Spirit leads us to Christ
- Tongues in public setting to edify, sometimes abused
- Story of Billy Graham at Evangel; tongues/interpretation completed sermon
- Spirit first fell on disciples in upper room, marked by supernatural occurrences including tongues
- Seven men chosen to serve widows; Stephen stoned, others scattered to preach Christ.  People saved, healed, Paul sent and they received the Holy Spirit
- Saul and Damascus Road conversion, received Spirit three days later
- We’re not seeking tongues (gifts).  We should be led by the spirit, loving and doing what He asks.