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Sep 25, 2006

2006-09-24-0830 Pastor Loran Livingston talks this morning September 24, 2006 in the 10:30 service about fear.

Scripture Ref: Hebrews 11:23-29

Topic: Fear

- Moses’ parents not afraid of Pharaoh, passed faith to Moses
- Moses did not flee out of fear
- You cannot have faith and fear simultaneously
- Fear keeps us from being what God called us to be
- Parable of the talents-one man afraid and hid
- Spirit of fear embarrasses you, reminds of past sins
- Divorce in the church greater than in the world
- What frightens me most? Sickness, disease, safety of children…
- People did great things because they trusted God
- Satan steals the joy of living for God, people still fear facing Jesus
- God protected Cain, Adam & Eve, Jonah
- Mercy is the nature of God, not a mood
- God let His prophet marry a prostitute, he loved her even as she hurt him, much like we turn from God and he still loves us
- Breakfast at IHOP with men who thought he was someone else

Carolyn Kemp
almost sixteen years ago

David, I was so surprised when I came to this site to see the change! WOW! You have been busy. I appreciate the hard work you do to make the sermons available. I hope to get cable soon and then the downloading of the sermons will not take so long.