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Central Church Sermons

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Jul 13, 2006

2006-08-16-1900 Shawn Saulsberry is the speaker for Wednesday evening July 12th, 2006.

Scripture ref: II Samuel 13:23-36; John 8:31-32; Matthew 16:13-16; Acts 11:21

Topic: Rumors

- Veggie Tales video (audio cut from final recording)
- One of David’s children was murdered but the rumor was that all were.
- A rumor is not verified but stirs a reaction.
- Rumors are a stronghold on the body of Christ.  the courageous thing to do is verify the rumor
- Jesus asked “Who do you say…? testing the rumors.
- Ask “do I know the truth about this person,?  “Who is this person in the eyes of the Father??
- Brief testimony: rough childhood, brother murdered, saw abuse, drugs, saved in 1991.
- Jesus knew people one on one.
- Pastor deals with rumors, they affect him.
- As the church, we are on a mission to understand the truth.