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Central Church Sermons

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Feb 23, 2006

2006-02-22-1900 Pastor Loran Livingston is the speaker for Central on Wednesday evening February 22nd, 2006. He continues his study in Daniel and Revelation.

Scripture Ref: Revelation 6-9

Topic: Daniel & Revelation Study

- Antichrist will try to restructure and reclaim earth as his own
- Man is sinful, rebels against God
- Some Jews are tracing their lineage, through DNA, to 12 tribes
- Tribe of Levi-God's people (add i to word makes it possessive, lev mean’s heart)
- Four angels bound at Euphrates (Iraq)
- Sadam and two sons-weapons of mass destruction
- Muslims given freedom to do anything in name of Allah, Islam not a peaceful religion, those not believing Allah to be true God and Muhammad his prophet considered infidels to be beheaded.
- Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets